February 2012
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Yashima Logo

Logo for a brand of Japanese food items, mainly for a range of sushi seaweed meant for restaurant use. The logo had to feel japanese, old, traditional and trusted.

Hotel Geldersekade Logo

While developing the website for the Hotel Geldersekade project a logo was needed for the project so it could more easily be identified by a pictogram instead of a long name. The logo reflects the feel of the project by using colours that refer to the brick and mortar buildings and incorporating the facade of the buildings that play an important role in the renovation project.


Qian Fang Massage Website

The Qian Fang Massage website is a simple and elegant one page online presence website with simple facebook like integration. All information is present on the front page, no need for navigation. Since nothing critical is handled by the website, it was decided to have it run on a bespoke green low power mini server on location which also handled the CCTV cameras. This way there was no extras hosting costs for running the website. The only extra costs was the purchase of domain names.

visit Qian Fang website

Dun Yong Website

The Dun Yong website is an online presence website with a simple, clean and stylish front page. From the front page there is a pull down menu at the top that will let you navigate to other parts of the website. By using the pull down menu, it allowed to keep the clutter away from the front page. The front page has 3 columns of which the left and right one contain news articles, each showing the latest articles from two different categories. Integration with their products database allows for easy generation of articles about products. There is no need to type any text or uploading and inserting images, simply enter a shortcut text and a number and the rest will be taken care of by the system.

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Hotel Geldersekade Website

The Hotel Geldersekade website was created as a point of information for the people in the neighbourhood who may be impacted by the development of the project. The website is therefor a purely informative website that allows for updating with news and progress reports. It contains a seperate page that highlights some of the more interesting details of the project and a Frequently Asked Questions part as well. The FAQ can be updated by the admin interface so new questions and answers can be added as they come along. For visitors to be able to ask questions a slide out form has been incorporated into the side of the website.

visit Hotel GDK website

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Sake & Co Website

The Sake & Co, a sake and cocktail bar in Amsterdam, website is a full website with social (facebook and twitter) integration. The look and feel of the website correlates with the style of the bar. The website includes a full editable Menu of their drinks so future updates can be done without needing any help from outsiders. Each menu item is linked to a page with more detail and a photo highlight.

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click here to view front page of the website