March 2012
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The macMonkey app was a test to see how certain frameworks were used and to learn more about making apps. It is a Android/iOS app to keep track of MAC addresses of devices that have network connectivity. It was something I needed myself, but I thought I might as well put it out there in case someone else had the same itch as I the needed to be scratched. The app allows the user to enter MAC addresses linked to a name and some extra info if required, so it can be easily looked up at a later time. The list can be sorted by MAC address or name, ascending or descending.

I use it to keep track of which WiFi enabled device has what MAC address. My wireless router only has a limited amount of MAC addresses that it can remember for the Access Control List (the list that says which devices can connect or can not connect to it) and the number of wireless devices just keeps growing. This means every now and then I have to delete some MACs to make space for new ones. If you don’t have some kind of perverted mind that can remember all the MAC addresses of all your devices, you are like me and need to keep track which MAC address belongs to what device so you don’t accidentally delete the wrong one when making space for the new MAC addresses that need to be added. This is where the app will do it’s work. (Or hack your router and install the DD-WRT firmware, which has way more space for MAC addresses). Or… if you do network administration and need to manually keep track of dhcp leases that need to give out the right IP to certain devices, you may need the app as well.

If you decide to delete the app but want to keep the data and not use pen and paper to back it up, just tap the send icon and you can send the data to yourself.

If you experience any problems with the app please report it to me or leave a comment here.