June 2021
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Mokozuki Baboon System

MBS – Small to Medium Business Backend

The Mokozuki Baboon System (MBS) is a backend system for small to medium sized businesses. MBS started out as replacement for a disfunctional error prone system a customer bought from First Data in the Hague, Netherlands. At first all it did was give the customer a better way to search through all the products entered into the system but soon grew out to include many other features.

MBS comes installed on a small footprint, low noise, energy efficient dedicated hardware box that makes use of a mirrored raid to prevent data loss. No risk when a hard disk breaks down and work can continue without stopping. MBS can also be installed on existing Linux servers that the customer is already running.

Sale of the Baboon System as been temporarily suspended, while we are hard at work making the new and improved version 2.

  • customer relations management
  • product database
  • invoicing
  • purchasing
  • creditor tracking
  • stock keeping
  • catalogue generator
  • custom price lists
  • online ordering
  • fax system
  • mail/webmail server
  • group calendar
  • sales statistics
  • client sales reports
  • customer payments tracking
  • delivery scheduling
  • accounting data export
  • shelf labels generator
  • product sticker generator
  • user role management
  • barcode scanning integration
  • export/import to exact globe
  • integrate with cash registers
  • not limited to per user/pc licenses
  • no mandatory service contract
  • not more complicated than nescessary
  • work from anywhere
  • multi-lingual