June 2021
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Dun Yong Department Store Website
Dun Yong Department Store Website
Dun Yong Department Store Website

Dun Yong Department Store Website

The Dun Yong SS website was a much needed update to the old website, more modern with more social interaction and functionality. The front page shows a slide show of images that highlight different product categories and contains several boxes with news messages, product highlights and facebook and twitter information. The backend of the website has been connected to the company database to retrieve product information so these can be easily inserted as highlights on the website. In the backend system the user only needs to input the unique number of the product and the rest of the information will be retrieved from the companies’ product database automatically. A product search page has also been integrated into the website that makes use of Ajax technology. It automatically lists the matching items of the search terms as you type. When hovering the mouse pointer over the product name it will show a photo of the product. This of course, also integrates with the companies’ product database for it’s information. Other points of interest are a liquid flow like rearrangement of the front page boxes when resizing the browser window. The website also sports a FAQ system, contact form to email directly from the website and mailing list for registered users amongst other features.

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